The table top conveyor chain is a specialized type of chain designed for material handling applications. It consists of modular, interlocking plastic or metal links that create a continuous flat surface, providing a reliable and efficient conveyor system.

This chain is commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and more.

High Quality Table Top Conveyor Chain

High Precise Table Top Conveyor Chain

Low precise table top conveyor chain

Usage Method

System Design: Determine the layout and requirements of your conveyor system, considering factors such as space availability, desired flow rate, and product characteristics. Plan the placement of straight, curved, and incline/decline sections as needed.

Chain Selection: Select the appropriate table top conveyor chain based on the application requirements, such as load capacity, product dimensions, and environmental conditions. Consider factors like chain material (plastic or metal) and chain width to ensure optimal performance.

Installation: Install the table top conveyor chain by interlocking the modular links to form a continuous surface. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper alignment, tensioning, and connection of the chain. Ensure that the chain is securely attached to the sprockets for smooth operation.

The table top conveyor chain is a reliable and versatile solution for efficient material handling across various industries. Its smooth and reliable operation, versatility in configuration, and customizable options make it an essential component in optimizing your material handling processes.

Table TOP CONVEYOR CHAIN characteristics


Smooth and Reliable Operation

The table top conveyor chain offers a smooth and consistent conveying surface, ensuring reliable movement of products or materials. Its precise engineering and minimal friction minimize the risk of jams or disruptions, keeping your operations running seamlessly.


Customizable for Application-Specific Needs

The table top conveyor chain is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor its width, length, and material to suit your specific application requirements. Whether you need to handle small parts, delicate products, or heavy loads, there’s a table top chain solution suitable for your needs.


Versatile Configuration Options

This chain provides versatility in configuration, allowing you to design your conveyor system to meet specific layout requirements. You can choose from straight, curved, or incline/decline sections, enabling efficient material flow in various directions and elevations.

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